Dimensions: 45 x 36 x 25cm

This work was the result of taking part in IRON R2018. This was an intense, iron forging, event lead by Irish artist James Hayes and his team. American artist Tamsie Ringler was invited to create her ‘River Lee’ piece and a limited number of us were invited to participate and create our own cast iron piece in conjunction.

The whole process was amazing. Physically and technically challenging and rewarding in equal measures.

I based this piece on my previous BA degree work, this time creating her from iron. The marks of her making are intentionally left visible. I wanted the journey to be evidenced. It is my belief that everyone’s journey through life is visible, some are better at hiding it than others.

I choose to leave the rough texture, polishing only certain spots to highlight the absence in others. As before, these figures represent the internal impact of a life lived. This one however is making its presence permanent. The impenetrable material belies and protects the softness at its core.