Type: Mixed media (self-developed cured compound)

Dimensions: 45x36x25cm

This piece was part of my degree work for my BA in Contemporary Applied Art. The concept came from my investigation into women who have suffered child abuse, and the impact these traumatic events have on their inner self. If the damage were visible what would that look like? Would the resulting image encourage more or less empathy? How much of the self is left recognisable?

The work was inspired by childhood nursery rhymes and the ‘perfect’ doll-like image often depicted as ideal and serene.

The material was developed after much experimentation and testing. The final result is a compound that cures slowly, it can be manipulate and moulded quite easily in the early stages but eventually becomes rock hard and permanent. The marks of the making are evident and not always attractive. The piece looks fragile but is in fact extremely robust. Ideally it is perched precariously on the edge of a plinth that is viewable from all angles.

When this piece was included in the Crawford Gallery’s ‘Seen Not Heard’ exhibition (June-Oct 2019 which I was incredibly proud to be chosen to be a part of).. it was placed securely on a shelf and viewers were asked not to handle … I totally understand this, as it is a public gallery and there is insurance involved etc.,… but ideally I like my work to be touched and for it to be accessible from different vantage points…. As that is the intention.